Members Training

Forthcoming Training

Please do look at the dates and range of training we have available; all these trainers are hugely experienced, well known trainers.  We are fortunate to be able to offer members training at an excellent rate, due to discounted rates and/or grants we have been able to obtain specifically for our members.

For all training please contact Tish Harwood to book dates or for further information. 

Regular monthly instruction with Brian Hutton

We are really fortunate to have Brian Hutton, BHSI, Senior Instructor at the famous Talland Equestrian in Gloucester, visit us once a month.   Brian trains all levels, across all disciplines.  Training can be individual or group lessons, at our club field.  £25 group, £35 individual.

Saturday 23 October

Saturday 27 November

Training with Lesley Hill

Lesley is an experienced well-known local instructor.  Lesley teaches across all disciplines, and has had many many years’ experience teaching at all levels, riding club, pony club, eventing, show jumping and showing.

Annual grassroots training

We are really for fortunate to have been successful again in obtaining a grant towards grassroots training.  This training is available to all our member and to encourage those who may not regularly attend training, have a young or inexperience horse, or feel they want to build horse/rider confidence, or just want to “have a go” at something new.  Sessions offered are cross country schooling, show jumping, polework, flatwork, riding a dressage test, how to ride in a show ring – or ask if there is something else you would like!

***New Training – with Heidi Reed****

Heidi Reed, BHSI Stage 5 Performance Coach and UKCC3.  Heidi is well known locally and has ridden to BD advanced level, BE 3 Star and BS Foxhunter.  Heidi is a Pony Club and BHS Assessor. 

Training will be at the Club Field, and can be flatwork, show jumping or pole work, individual or groups, starting in the afternoon and running into early evening. Cost is discounted at £45 per hour, and can be individual half hour £22.50 or 45 minutes £33.75, or groups of 2 (£22.50 each) or 3 (£15.00 each) for 1 hour.   


All training is for members only, and payment is by BACS in advance. Please book via